How To Help


The Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center welcomes your prayers, selected reading matter, and selected men’s clothing. For more information, please call 410-685-1240.

Yes, please:

  • Bibles in modern translation. Other spiritual reading if not too difficult.
  • Time/Newsweek/etc. up to 3 months old
  • Sports Illustrated / People /etc. up to 6 months
  • Cars/computers/consumers up to 1 year
  • Reader’s Digest, Prevention up to a couple of years
  • National Geographics post 1990-if in large quantities, please call first to check.

Also, we can use action/adventure videos and DVD’s (new ships can’t play cassettes).

Books (except for Bibles) are less often requested, but some seafarers do appreciate action/thriller novels, as well as books about Baltimore or the U.S.

No, thanks:

  • Older/torn/moldy items
  • Alumni journals, technical journals, specialty hobby mags, etc.
  • Romances; textbooks; books you hated in high school English.
  • “Hard-sell” denominational reading.

For clothing, the primary need is men’s jeans, other sturdy pants (but not extra large) or shorts, T-shirts, outerwear, hats and gloves, and non-skid shoes/boots, in good condition only. If you have questions about appropriate items, please call 410-685-1240. Please bag securely, in quantities which can be easily lifted by retirees –no torn bags, over-stuffed bags, bags in danger of tearing, please! If you want to donate more than one garbage bag full, please first call 410-685-1240 to see whether we have space.

No women’s or children’s items, underwear/socks (except unopened packages), rags, slippery shoes, etc.


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