Special Collections

Special Collections

Note: much of the time our office is locked, because we are out visiting seafarers on their ships. Donations may NOT be left unattended outside the Center, because of security considerations and lease regulations. To schedule a delivery at a time when someone will be present, please call 410.685.1240.


Do you have more calendars from museums and other organizations than you can use yourself? Please share your extras to help seafarers pass their long time at sea (typically 9 to 12 months). Calendars can be mailed to the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center, 1430 Wallace Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. If you prefer to deliver in person, please call 410.685.1240 to arrange a time (from October to January).

Christmas-at-Sea Boxes

We are deeply grateful to all the churches, groups, and individuals who make Christmas at Sea possible. The Christmas at Sea program delivers gift boxes prepared by Evangelical Lutherans, Episcopalians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, and others, to seafarers of all faith traditions or none.

Last year we gave out more than 1,600 gifts! Your boxes bring delight to our seafarers in many ways. Our ship visitors have told stories where the crew just lit up when they realized the boxes were gifts from our donors.

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Men’s Clothing

Seafarers from tropical climates need warm men’s work clothing in good condition.

The primary need is men’s jeans, other sturdy pants (but not extra large) or shorts, T-shirts, outerwear, hats and gloves, and non-skid shoes/boots, in good condition only. If you have questions about appropriate items, please call 410.685.1240. Please bag securely, in quantities which can be easily lifted by retirees –no torn bags, over-stuffed bags, bags in danger of tearing, please! If you want to donate more than one garbage bag full, please first call 410.685.1240 to see whether we have space.

No women’s or children’s items, underwear/socks (except unopened packages), rags, slippery shoes, etc.

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